Meditation is listening. It is going back to your own center. Meditation is learning to relate to life, to your environment, from who you are, not from the way other people try to define you. Meditation will enable you to return to the peace you seek, at the center of your being. -Swami Kriyananda, Meditation for Starters

Learn to Meditate Class

with Nancy Karpani Rakela and Scott Phillips

Both Nancy and Scott have been with Ananda Berkeley for over 25 years. They will help you learn how to meditate and get started with a regular meditation practice.

Call to confirm next class date. Please call for date.
Cost $35, including Lessons in Meditation by Jyotish Novak

Meditation is one of the most natural and most rewarding of all human activities. Practiced on a daily basis it produces astonishing results on all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It connects you with your own inner powers of vitality, clarity, and love. When done deeply, it also gives you an expanded sense of connection with life and an experience of profound joy. -Jyotish Novak

This course offers techniques in the path of Kriya Yoga including the Hong-Sau technique, brought to the US by Yogananda. This technique is for developing concentration and cultivating the quality of peace. We will also cover:

  • how to still the restless mind,
  • the importance of sitting comfortably for meditation,
  • the mind-breath connection for focus and relaxation,
  • and how to bring the experience of meditation into daily life.

Weekly Group Meditations:

meditationsunset2Tuesday Morning Meditation 7:00-8:45 am every week

Monday Evening Energization exercises, Chanting & Meditation 7:15-9:00 pm every week 

Come join us for energization exercises, (energy control exercises), chanting, meditation and healing prayers. Practice the techniques that you learned in your class and develop more inner peace by meditating with others who have meditated for many years.

Monthly Guided Kriya Yoga* Meditation
7:30 am-10:00 am Saturday. Next date not set yet.

*Note: If you have not been initiated into the Kriya Yoga technique, you may come for the last hour from 9:00 am-10:00 am. For Kriyabans, please enter and exit quietly if you are not staying for the entire meditation.